Our Mission – Affordable Business Appraisal

Woman leaning against coffee shop signOur mission is to give business owners and entrepreneurs access to affordable business appraisal.

Not just affordable business appraisal, appraisal which includes a comprehensive report that will help determine how to price a business for sale on the market.

We want to stand out from the competition by providing more information like profit and cash flow projections, cash at closing, and deal structures that work for SBA loans that are important to buyers and sellers in transferring business ownership and much more.

Having owned and sold several of my own businesses before such a simple process was available it was very costly to get that information. During my years as a business broker I challenged myself to simplify the process to get that information.

That was the beginning of the Quik Value Business Valuation calculator.

All my years experience as a business owner, manager, turnaround manager, and business broker have come together to provide this valuation tool for appraising your business.”

Whether you are contemplating selling your business or buying or just preparing for the future, our hope and dream is that our reporting system will provide you with a mechanism and features to not only give you the Most Probably Selling Price for your unique business but also provide help in managing your business to its fullest. To that end our Quik Value report will give you helpful information when inventory, gross profit, net income, rent, or building ownership is out of balance for the size of your revenues or net profit. It also calculates the optimum owner’s salary for a purchase of a business.

Take advantage of the convenience and low cost and try today.

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